Pet Portrait, Pilgrim

Animal Portraits

A portrait of your pet is a loving commemoration of the place they hold in your heart. It is one of the most meaningful memorials and becomes more precious through the years. A painting of a favorite pet is a thoughtful gift to the young person going off on their own, the sibling who can't keep a pet in a new apartment, or the friend who gets married and discovers their spouse is allergic. The oil portrait is excellent for breeders who hang it with the animal's awards. An oil painting is a permanent and loving reminder of an animal who will never be forgotten. It becomes a family heirloom to be handed down through the generations.

Pet Portrait, Candlewood's Gracious Lady
Candlewood's Gracious Lady

As I paint your animal's portrait, I get to know them through the photos that I take or you provide. I try to capture the animal's essence, and show the viewer their unique personality. One of the ways I do this by painting the animal in context. You will notice a few feathers fluttering near the bird that Gracious Lady proudly displays. My painting of Pilgrim has the pilgrims walking in the hills in the far background. Is she part of that world or a product of it? The painting of the Russia Blue cat and the silver pitcher gives a good sense of who the cat is, by where he poses. The self portrait of me and Lincoln (my cat) should give you an example of who we both are and how much I enjoy painting and pets!

I usually charge $400 for a 16x20 inch unframed oil painted portrait. If you would like me to include multiple pets, or pets and people in a real or imagined scene on a larger canvas, we would adjust the price accordingly.

I look forward to hearing from you and painting a portrait of your animal.

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