Ina Marlowe

I spent most of my life as a theater director in Chicago. I have my degree BFA and MFA in theatre from Goodman Theatre in Chicago which was housed in The Art Institute of Chicago. I spent years wandering through that collection, learning about actor placement, depth of character, stage settings and lighting through observing great works at The Art Institute.

I have always loved art and strove to find ways that I could connect my love and understanding of theater and visual art. In 2004 I began to study art seriously, both as a student at The Art Institute of Chicago and daily as part of the studio of Gay Risebourough. Through those classes and with extensive studio practice, I learned a great deal about oil painting technique and method.

Because I had gone through the process of self-discovery as a theater artist, I knew that I must find my own voice as a visual artist as well. Discovering genuine visual self-expression is my journey.

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